A Non Profit Dedicated to Reviving the Buddhadharma in India

By working to promote pilgrimage, to develop the Buddhist Circuit, to educate monks and to support Buddhist publications .

International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony Brochure

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LBDFI’s 2014 Annual Report

lbdfi-chart-of-attendance-in-chanting-ceremoniesLBDFI is dedicated to the rebuilding of the Buddha Sasana in India.To achieve its aims, the Foundation has adopted a four-fold strategy:

First, it is the primary sponsor of an International Chanting Ceremony, now in its tenth anniversary, to bring senior monks to India in large numbers. The Foundation also supports other chanting ceremonies in locations important to the Buddha Sasana. Second, it has been active in renovating the ancient sites of pilgrimage; third, it plans to initiate the proper training of Indian monks. Finally it plans to build on these foundations by sponsoring programs of outreach to the Indian… Read Report.

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