Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International 


The Light of Buddhadharma Foundation has a four-part strategy to fulfill its mission to develop the Buddhadharma in India. Our first goal has been the support of international chanting ceremonies within the motherland of the Dharma, bringing the International Sangha back to India and creating meritorious circumstances for the Dharma to flourish. Our second goal has been to work on the pilgrimage circuit, beautifying the ancient places of pilgrimage and encouraging pilgrims to spend more time in these wonderful places. Our third goal has been to create training programs for Indian monks, so a fully trained Indian Sangha can blossom again, and our fourth has been to print Dharma materials and encourage

conferences and education for the Indian public at large. We outline our progress with regard to these goals below.

We are very happy to tell you all that LBDFI has enjoyed another successful year, with six major International Tipitaka recitations completed in Berkeley, Nagpur, New Delhi, Sankasya, Bodhgaya, and finally Sri Lanka. All told, we had 6,400 participants who chanted the precious teachings of the Blessed One, a great cause for joy and celebration.

We have also seen big changes in India, where both Central and State government have become supportive of pilgrimage activity. In response to this we have begun a wonderful new program, Journey of Enlightenment: In the Footsteps of the Noble Ones, to open some of the ancient pathways where the Buddha walked and taught in the land of the Aryadesh. The first walk was completed at the end of the Tenth International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony and retraced the steps of the Blessed One as he walked from Mount Gaya to Ragjir in the months directly following the Enlightenment. King Bimbisara, hearing the Blessed One was coming to see him, came out of his capital at Rajgir and walked towards the Buddha to meet him at Jetthian, and then they walked together back to the Veluvan grove, which the King gave to the Sangha for their use. On the last day of our chanting ceremony we retraced this walk with 1,000 monks and laypeople. We offered Dharma texts to all participants and constructed and inaugurated 15 stupas for World Peace along the Jethian Valley as way-markers for this new walk. Going forward, we plan to open a new Dharma walk every year following the Bodhgaya chanting ceremony.

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