Sri Pada World Peace Bell

Offering  of  World  Peace  Bell  Sri  Pada  on  the  Occasion  of  the  2,600th  year of  the  Enlightenment  of  the  Buddha

In February-March 2012, we were given the permission to install the 21st World Peace Bell for Sri Pada […]

Sankasya World Peace Bell

Donating a World Peace Bell at Sankasya

In 2013 LBDFI installed a Dharma Bell in the historic site of Sankasya, the site where the Buddha returned to the earth from the heavenly realm at the end […]

Nalanda World Peace Bell

Donating a World Peace Bell to the Holy Place of Nalanda

Nalanda is the site of the greatest monastic university of the ancient Buddhist world, where countless Panditas and Vidyadharas trained and studied. From the […]

Rajgir World Peace Bell

Donating a World Peace Bell to the Holy Place of Rajgir

Rajgir has a central place in the history of Buddhism, for within the circle of hills that surround this ancient royal city lies Vulture […]

Vaishali World Peace Bell

Donating a World Peace Bell to the Holy Place of Vaishali

The Buddha often visited Vaishali in the course of his journeys. Capital of the oldest known republic, the Vrijan confederacy, it was known as a […]

Sarnath World Peace Bell             

In the spring of 2005, after the conclusion of the Sixteenth Nyingma World Peace Ceremony in Bodhgaya, plans were initiated to install a World Peace Bell in Sarnath. In this way, we were following the […]

Lumbini World Peace Bell

Here in the celestial garden of Lumbini, the fourth Buddha in the Bhadrakalpa was born as the son of King Shuddhodana and Queen Mayadevi of the Shakya clan. Each time this great bell symbolizing the […]

Sacred Gardens of the Buddha

South Garden at the Mahabodhi Mahavihara
In 2008, the Foundation began a clean up program to remove rubbish from the Southern section of the Temple compound of the Mahabodhi Mahavihara. Over 200 tractor loads of rubbish […]

Improving Amenities

Since 2006, LBDFI has worked to improve the environment of major sites of Buddhist pilgrimage. Its major activity as been focused on Bodhgaya, where an estimated 500,000 pilgrims visit the Mahabodhi Mahavihara Temple every year.