Dr. David Geary,Assistant Professor of Anthropology in the Community, Culture and Global Studies Unit at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan).
He has held research and teaching positions at IIAS (Leiden), the Antioch University Buddhist Studies Program in Bodh Gaya, India, and at the University of Oxford. His research interests include pilgrimage, tourism and diaspora, the spatial politics of UNESCO World Heritage, and the contemporary Buddhist revival movement in India.
Wangmo Dixey,Executive Director of the Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International.
Her work extends throughout Southeast Asia with the revival of the International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremonies. She has a MA (International Development) from American University and a BA (U.C.L.A.) in International Relations. She has been working in India since 1989 especially in the sacred sites of the Buddha.
Dr. Richard Dixey,Associate Director, LBDFI,
Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International, has a BA Honors from Oxford, a MA in the History and Philosophy of Science from London University and a PhD from London University. Before retiring to assist in the running of the Foundation, he headed a pharmaceutical company researching new treatments for Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and obesity. Richard has been a student of Buddhism since 1972. He has also been working in the sacred sites of India since 2002.
Dr. Ravindra PanthDirector of Nava Nalanda Mahavihara
Dr. Ravindra Panth is the Director of Nava Nalanda Mahavihara (Deemed University) at Nalanda, Bihar, India since April, 2000 and Xuanzang Memorial at Nalanda since 2007. He is M.A. (Buddhist Studies, Gold Medallist), M.Phil, Ph.D. (Delhi University). Widely travelled scholar and has more than 75 Research Papers to his credit, 25 special lectures in India and abroad. Has edited and published more 15 books.

Bhante Shravasti Dhammika was born in Australia in 1951 and became a monk in India in 1976. From there he moved to Sri Lanka where he studied at Sri Lanka Vidyalaya and later at Kaliniya University’s Post-graduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies. Since then he has lived in Singapore where he is the spiritual advisor to a local Buddhist society. Amongst Bhante’s many publications are Middle Land Middle Way, A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Buddha’s India, Navel of the Earth, The History and Significance of Bodh Gaya, and most recently Nature and the Environment in Early Buddhism, a study of the flora and fauna in the Buddhist scriptures.

Thomas E. JonesHistoric Preservation Planner & Urban Conservator
Mr. Jones is a recognized and highly experianced professional in Historic Preservation Planning and Urban Conservation, with a career spanning over 40 years. Mr. Jones has been involved in the assessment, planning and completion of over 400 historic buildings to high U.S. National Park Service historic rehabilitation standards. Much of this work has been applied through environmental impact assessments – in order to identify and protect complex rural and urban historic properties and their settings. This work has involved to date the identification, recordation and recognition of over 6,500 historic properties to National Register of Historic Places criteria and standards.

Mr. Jones has been engaged with the efforts to preserve India’s heritage since the mid-1980’s. He has served as an academic advisor to the Centre for Heritage Management of Ahmedabad University. This Masters degree program is the first of its kind for India, and Mr. Jones now serves as a Visting Scholar to this Centre. He recently effected a long term – Statement of Intent to Cooperate – between the Centre for Heritage Management, and the National Center for Preservation Technology & Training of the U.S. National Park Service. Within this agreement framework he is now engaged in assisting the efforts to identify and conserve the historic Dandi – Salt March Route of 1930 that was led by Mahatma Gandhi. During this time he has also been engaged in the efforts in the State of Bihar to identify and conserve the ancient sites and cultural landscapes that are directly connected with the Buddha.

Mr. Jones has a B.F.A. in the Fine Arts from Tyler School of the Fine Arts of Temple University – and his Masters at the Masters for Historic Preservation Program of the School of Architecture, at Columbia University. He has also been a Fulbright Scholar to study the National Heritage Management System of Poland. He was a Research Affiliate to the Department of Architecture of The Pennsylvania State University. Through his career he has served on 14 non-profit and or government body boards that engage with the preservation of heritage and the arts.

Debashish Nayak
Debashish Nayak is an architect who has more than two decades of experience in managing urban conservation issues of Historic Cites in India and abroad. He is presently based in Ahmedabad and appointed as Director, Centre for Heritage Management of Ahmedabad University. Since 1996 he has been working as advisor to the Heritage Programme of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for the revitalisation of the ‘Historic Walled City’. He is also advisor to other City Municipalities such as Jaipur, Amritsar, Old Delhi, Lucknow, Pondicherry etc. He has been appointed as Advisor to the Indian Heritage Cities Network launched by UNESCO, India and as Gujarat State Project Co-ordinator for National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities, and member of the National Committee on Conservation Policy, Archaeological Survey of India.

Among the many awards he has received are the Ashoka Fellowship (1990 – 1993), Salzburg Fellow (1990), Ten Outstanding Young Indian Award (1994) and in 1995, Friends of the United Nations Citizen’s Award at New York. In 2006, AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association) awarded him with Anubhai Chimanlal–AMA Nagrikta Puraskar – citizenship award for his contribution in Ahmedabad.

Lall & Associates – established in 1969 – are consultants in the fields of architecture, engineering, urban design, town planning, interior design, valuation & design-management.
As principal partner of the firm I have been responsible for business development, design services and management of the firm. Over the last twenty eight years I have been involved in the planning, architectural and interior design projects of various types and sizes of urban design and architectural projects. Design teams led by me have successfully completed over 200 projects of which many have received critical acclaim. Some of the recent projects are:

The Akshardham Cultural Complex, New Delhi The Indian School of Business, Hyderabad The Buddha Smriti Park, Patna
The Peace Pagoda, New Delhi

Nichgatsuzan Horinji Buddhist Temple, Sarnath

Vaishali Mahaban Kutaghar Vihara, Vailshali
Delhi Public Schools, New Delhi, Pune, Vadodara, Ludhiana, Patna, Surat APCCA Press and Office, Mauritius
Commercial Complex, Bhutan
The Collectorate Building, Ranchi
Impact Gardens Township, Amritsar
Housing for Tata Power, Jharkhand
Tiger Resort, Maharashtra
ITC-Maurya Towers Hotel, Patna
Commercial Complex, Agra
Apparel Export Promotion Council, Patna

SHANTUM SETHBuddhist teacher and Guide to the Sacred Places of the
Shantum Seth is a consultant to the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation to help promote Buddhist circuit tourism in India. He is also on the Government of India’s expert committee for the Promotion of Buddhist teaching and learning (including advising on the development of the Buddhist sites for pilgrimage/tourism), has trained guides for the Government of India and UNESCO, is on the Indian executive of the inter faith group Temple of Understanding, and has addressed a number of forums and universities including the Chicago Council of Global Affairs, the World Presidents’ organisation (WPO), the Young Presidents’ organisation (YPO), the UNDP executive board among others.

He has been pioneering work in Mindfulness in Education, training teachers and students to develop skills such as attention and concentration, emotional and cognitive awareness and understanding, bodily awareness and coordination, interpersonal awareness and skills, opening up the doorway to transformation and liberation. He is very interested in helping young people gain tools for peacefulness, happiness and the understanding of who they are in relation to others and the world.

He loves travelling, having visited more than 50 countries, having worked in many, and has visited nearly every one of the 28 states in India. Having lived in England, the USA and France for over 14 years, he now lives with his wife Gitanjali, and two daughters and parents in Noida, near New Delhi, India.

Mr. Santosh PhilipSoftware Specialist
Mr. Santosh Philip is a software specialist, LEED Accredited Professional, and ASHRAE certified Building Energy Modeling Professional with degrees from the Center of Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad, India, and the University of Minnesota. Mr. Philip designs climate-responsive residential and commercial buildings at Loisos + Ubbelohde. Previously Mr. Philip has designed climate-responsive residences, college campuses and commercial and manufacturing facilities in western India. Mr. Philip has received the Gold Medal from the Gujarat Institute of Architects.
Davis Dalbok Creative Director of Living Green Design
Davis Dalbok is the founder and creative director of Living Green Design. He is an award winning garden designer, with a particular emphasis on estate scaled projects, in temperate, subtropical and tropical climates. Davis also collaborates on projects within historic Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco, California. Projects there include the Ancient Plant Garden, and currently one of the last gardens to be created within the San Francisco Botanical Garden, A garden featuring plant families from Southeast Asian Cloud Forests. He sits on the advisory council for the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, and oversaw the collections project when the conservatory was rebuilt 12 years ago. Davis has worked on the development and beautification of India’s sacred Buddhist sites since 2009. His work focuses on the sensitive development of historic landscapes.
Tim O'sheaFounder and Acting Principal at Greenworks Design,
Tim O’Shea is the founder and acting principal at Greenworks Design, an award winning landscape design practice based in the SF Bay area.
Greenworks provides landscape design and project management for a select client list. The gardens create a strong sense of place, offering sanctuary and a connection to the natural world.
Tim studied in Landscape Architecture at UC Davis with a focus on integrating landscape design with community development. He has served as consultant and board member for private and public commissions, internationally.
Tim has been active with the LBDFI since 2008. His work at LBDFI focuses on the development of the World Peace Gardens at The Eight Sacred Sites of the Buddhist World with sensitivity towards historic landscapes and the demands of increased pilgrimage to these holy places.
Currently Tim’s work in Bodhgaya centers on the Tapovan Garden and completing the Mahabodhi Temple’s circumambulation through restorative gardens.
Linda CopenhagenCurrently Director of Family Office Services at Seiler
Linda Copenhagen is a Certified Public Accountant with more than 25 years of experience. Currently Director of Family Office Services at Seiler, LLP in the San Franciso Bay Area, Linda has also held positions in public accounting as well as in accounting director roles for both start-ups and public companies. Ms. Copenhagen holds expertise in Financial accounting, business systems, corporate income taxation, international tax structure, US sales tax and individual, partnership and trust compliance, budget management, financial planning and analysis and management of all transactional accounting functions.
Douglas MasonPhotographer
Douglas Mason has a BA from the Rhode Island School of design, has been working as a photographer and teacher for 40 years and currently resides in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts. For 20 years, he taught at Lehigh University. Exploring and understanding the world through photography and infusing his images with emotional and aesthetic content while staying on the cutting edge of imaging technology is what drives him. The journey has put Douglas on the path of Buddha and Buddhism, with this fine and dynamic group of friends. Click here to see his work from India or here to see other current work.