LBDFI has formed a new project, the Friends of Buddhist Heritage, to encourage the sensitive development of Buddhist pilgrimage world wide. The inaugural meeting was held on August 28th 2015 where the following mission statement was agreed.

The Mission of the Friends of Buddhist Heritage is to assist in the protection, conservation, restoration, and sensitive development of Buddhist Heritage, and its cultural patrimony.
The Friends of Buddhist Heritage will seek to engage in programs and processes which:
1. Conserve sacred Buddhist sites and landscapes for the use and enjoyment of pilgrims, local people, and the visiting general public.

2. Foster and encourage new and renewed international, national, and local understanding and investment that will support ancient Buddhist monuments, objects, historic places and the cultural conservation of Buddhist Heritage.

3. Create and develop economic, educational and collaborative opportunities that are sensitive to the sacred and historic context and environment.

4. Support education in the culture and history of ancient and historic Buddhist architecture and arts.

5. Assist in the scholarly study and preservation of sacred texts, and the tangible and intangible forms of Buddhist artistic expression and traditions.