Offering of food dana at the Kalachakra grounds to the Mahasangha during the 10th Annual Tipitika Chanting Ceremony at Bodhgaya, Bihar, India.

Offering Dana

Please consider the profound value of the giving of dana to support each of these great chanting programs. Your gift will go to support offerings towards monastics, food, ceremonial expenses, travel and any other areas where support is needed. We rely on the goodness of others to help support our work as we are a completely volunteer based organization. We deeply appreciate your offering. Your Dana is considered a tax-deductible donation. We will be acknowledging your offering with a special note with your dedication to be read out in the Assembly.

Dana allows us to open our hearts and foster empathy and kindness. It builds warm connections based on the true value of our shared experience. We strongly invite you to participate in this practice. The practice of Dana is fundamental and integral to our work especially as it relates to precious Sangha. The opportunity for people to access their own quality of generosity has been a part of Buddhist teaching ever since the days of the Blessed One. Your Dana is a precious and is a contribution that helps to sustain the ethos of service that is the heart of the Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International.

*Dana is a Sanskrit/Pali word that means generosity or giving, an important Buddhist practice that lies at the heart of the rule of monks and nuns, for it is the dana given by laypeople that sustains the monks and nuns in their daily alms round. Dana creates profound karmic connections between laypeople and the ordained Sangha, and generates the merit and auspiciousness for the Dharma to be transmitted and sustained.