Project Description

Offering  of  World  Peace  Bell  Sri  Pada  on  the  Occasion  of  the  2,600th  year of  the  Enlightenment  of  the  Buddha

In February-March 2012, we were given the permission to install the 21st World Peace Bell for Sri Pada in Sri Lanka. This bell is dedicated to World Peace in Sri Lanka at an aupsicious occasion when there is peace in this country.  It was given by Venerable Tarthang Tulku on behalf of TNMC in honor of the 2600th year of Buddha’s enlightenment.

All materials had to be hand carried with the exception of the last detail of the 2.5 tonne bell which was carried by military helicopter. Please see attached  our Sri Pada Brochure which was handed out on the day of the Opening Ceremony. We have many individuals to thank for this incredible opportunity to serve the Mahasangha. May this Dharma Bell continue to ring through this sacred mountain where all blessings from such activity may radiate in all directions.