Project Description

Donating a World Peace Bell to the Holy Place of Vaishali

The Buddha often visited Vaishali in the course of his journeys. Capital of the oldest known republic, the Vrijan confederacy, it was known as a marvelous city, full of gardens and with prosperous and elegant inhabitants. Buddha likened the Licchavis of Vaishali to the Gods of the Trayastrimsa heaven in the glory of their appearance and beauty of their apparel.

At nearby Kolhua, the Buddha announced his impending Parinirvana and preached his last sermon. Following the Parinirvana, the Licchavis received a portion of the relics and housed them in a stupa in the centre of the city. At the entrance to this ancient stupa, LBDFI has erected a great Dharma bell in collaboration with the Ananda Kuti Vihar, located not far away. Plans are now underway to complete a small garden to surround this bell and to further beautify this ancient and important place.