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Light of Buddhadharma Foundation

Since its founding in 2002 and the commencement of its activities in 2006, LBDFI has worked to restore the Buddha Sasana in India. The Buddha Sasana is the culture of Buddhism, established by the Blessed One and transmitted through the centuries by the Sangha of Venerable Monks and their lay supporters.

LBDFI has worked to fulfill its vision through four main activities: the sponsorship of international prayer ceremonies and pilgrimages at the ancient pilgrimage centers of the Aryadesh; the improvement of amenities for pilgrims and visitors, the distribution of Dharma books, and the training and education of a new generation of Indian monks.


Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International

The gifts of Dharma excels all other gifts. 

Sabba Danam Dhamma Danam Jinati

Journey to enlightenment: we invite you to experience walking in the footsteps of the Buddha in the 21st century.

Become a Part of History

Our aspiration is to complete the entire Pali Canon within our lifetime. With 25 years remaining, we invite you to join us in recitation as we devote ourselves to the revival of the Buddha Sasana in India.

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The Light of Buddhadharma Foundation is dedicated to revitalizing and developing the Buddhasasana in India.


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