The Sema Dhammacak Pillar Award is the highest honorary award given to an individual who made contribution to Buddhism and is selected by the Award Selection Committee. This award is given as a praising and recognizing the goodness of the nominees comprised of an individual, organization or government office and to announce their contribution among Buddhist public. This is to parade a good role model to society and youth of the nation as well as to honor and give mental support to their work of dissemination of Buddhism. The selection sub-committee carefully selects the nominees and the Selection Committee of Buddhism Promotional Week Project on the Occasion of Visakha Puja Day approves the nominee list

A selected individual will receive the Sema Dhammacak Pillar Award and the certificate from HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn who will be inaugurating the Buddhism Promotional Week on the Occasion of Visakha Puja Day at the Sanam Luang royal ground every year.

Currently, the government office responsible for selecting the nominees for this award is the Department of Religious Affairs under Ministry of Culture. The Ministry annually appoints a special selection sub-committee to select the nominees for award. The award is considered within 10 different types of contribution such as dissemination of Buddhism in Thailand, Buddhist writing and so on. Nominee selections is made by two methods i.e. a well-known individual who has contributed to Buddhism and select through all documents proposed respectively by the provincial cultural offices. Generally, the award is given one or two awards to each province based on the size of population.