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Buddha Cārikā:

The Buddha used to make three types of journey with varying circumferential dimensions, viz.,

  1. a journey covering the most widespread territory, Mahā-maṇḍhala,
  2. a journey with a medium coverage of territory, Majjhima-maṇḍhala,
  3. a journey with the smallest coverage of territory, Anto-maṇḍhala.

What people are saying about our pilgrimage tours:

It was a journey of a lifetime to actually be in the land where Buddha lived and taught, to be among thousands of monks and lay pilgrims.  The devotion and joy was palpable and deepened by a caring, knowledgeable guide, Deepak and the deeply moving chanting ceremony under the Bodhi tree.  Our every need was met.  We learned so much and laughed a lot.  And came back home smiling.  Recently we presented a slide show to our friends from our trip.  This presentation was highlighted by Deepak zooming in from India to share his deep knowledge of Buddhist history and the sacred sites we visited. “

Kate Young, Pilgrim (Retired Anthropologist, North Carolina, Durham)

I had in my mind to go to India to visit the sites where the Buddha dwelled for thirty years, but had some fear going to a county I had heard was chaotic and ‘difficult’ to travel in.  This last year I finally went with the Light of BuddhaDharma Foundation International (LBDFI).  It was truly the trip of a lifetime and I honestly wish I had gone thirty years ago, so I could return many many times in this lifetime.  The trip was wonderfully organized.  We stayed in a world class hotel in Bodh Gaya and had a wonderful guide and driver the entire trip.  With our physical needs well met, we had the opportunity to be fully present to the magic of India.   Being in the US, studying and practicing Buddhism for many years, there is something that cannot replace going to India and retracing the Buddha’s steps.  You will visit places that abound with relics and archeological treasures from those ancient times.  LBDFI’s work over these last decades has brought these sites back to life, not only by supporting their physical stabilization but bringing them alive with people and rituals where you truly feel the power of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.  Because the roots are so deep and ancient and these are actually the grounds where the historical Buddha walked, the tradition comes alive here in a way that is very different then anywhere else in the world.  For me the highlight was meditating at Vulture’s Peak,  in many ways where the Mahayana tradition originated.  I still feel the power of this place being back home thousands of miles away.   If you have any inclination to visit India and the land of the Buddha DO IT.  Don’t wait.  So many things crystallized for me.  The lightbulb in the dark closet of my mind continues to brighten.  I honestly can’t imagine a more important act than visiting these sites, being part of the ceremonies and gaining an entirely new level of understanding and context for Buddhist practice – whatever your practice is.  I felt such sheer joy waking up every morning.  Life is short.  I can’t wait to go back.”

(Teri Beckman, Founder CEO HIGOL)

The Light of Buddhadharma Foundation is dedicated to revitalizing and developing the Buddhasasana in India.


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