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Where Buddha Passed Away
Our History

Kushinagara holds a sacred place in Buddhist tradition as one of the four principal pilgrimage sites, revered for its association with the Buddha’s final moments before entering parinirvana. Modern devotees honor this site as the place where the Buddha attained ultimate liberation.

Chanting Ceremonies

In 2014 the Burmese Abbot of the Kushinagar temple, Venerable Bhante Gyaneshwar, along with a delegation of monks and lay devotees came to join an ITCC meeting where they requested that we start the chanting in Kushinagar. This proposal was adopted and the first Tipitaka chanting was initiated bringing together all the local temples from all traditions in the following year.

In 2015, the first year of the International Tipitaka in Kushinagar was opened with a grand procession from the main site to the Thai temple. LBDFI sponsored the erection of a chanting pavilion, and offered food twice per day to all participants. There were close to 1,000 international participants with monks, nuns, lay people, and many colorful lay followers in their national dress. In the ceremony, we had close to 550 participants from all the local temples in Kushinagar including monks and laypeople from the Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese, Nepalese, Tibetan and Korean temples.

In 2016, we came with a delegation of fifty Venerable monks and and joined 350 participants of venerable monks and nuns and 600 lay devotees. In 2017, we had the same number of participants. In 2018, we had 450 monks and nuns and 700 lay devotees. In 2019, we had the same number.


We also offered a 8 foot stupa in honor of the Venerable Burmese bhante’s birthday. We also offered a Buddha in bronze from TNMC to be placed in beside the Tipitaka for the annual chanting ceremony.

Book Distribution

Since the Tipitaka chanting in Kushnigara relies on chanting the sutras that are related to the Mahaparinirvana, we distribute copies of the Dighanikaya in five scripts at each annual gathering. The sutra is offered in Roman, Devangari, Burmese, Khmer and Thai fonts. Each evening Dharma talks are offered for all participants, mainly focussing on the Indian community. We also distribute other books, including ‘What the Buddha Taught’ and the ‘Dhammapada’ in Hindi and Pali.


Every year as part of our yatra, we take the Venerable bhikkhus to the historical sites associated with Kushinagar. The place where the monks pay deep respect is circumambulating the Ramabhar stupa, Kushinagar.

Future walks:

Path from Mahaparinirvana stupa to the cremation stupa and pause by the Hiranyawati River.

Path from Mahaparinirvana stupa to the cremation stupa via the Matha Kuar statue. Pause by the Hiranyawati River and proceed to the place where the relics of the Buddha were divided into 8 parts.

Path to include a number of villages like Anirudhwa, Kurmouta, Bishnupur, Bishambarpur and Jhungwa.

Path around the Kakuttha River. For a long walk this can be connected to both Pava and Kushinagar.


Sponsored in 2023 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh, LBDFI orchestrated the 7th Mahaparanirvana Sutta Chanting ceremony in Kushinagara on November 24-25, 2023. This ceremony event brought together practitioners from far and wide to recite the Mahaparanirvana Sutta, commemorating the Buddha’s profound teachings and his journey into the realm of enlightenment. It served as a poignant reminder of the impermanence of life and the timeless wisdom that guides Buddhist practice.

What did the Buddha teach here according to the Pali Canon:

Then the Buddha said to Ānanda, “Come, Ānanda, let’s go to the far
shore of the Golden River, and on to the sal forest of the Mallas at
Upavattana near Kusinārā.”
“Yes, sir,” Ānanda replied. And that’s where they went. Then the
Buddha addressed Ānanda, “Please, Ānanda, set up a cot for me be
tweenthetwinsal trees, with myheadtothenorth. Iamtiredandwill
lie down.”

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