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Rajgir and Nalanda

Home of Vulture’s Peak
Our History

Towering over the ancient capital of Magahda, the Blessed one spend many years after his enlightenment the region of the city of Rajgir. Famed as the site where the great Bodhisattva taught the Prajnaparamita sutra in the presence of the Buddha, Rajgir is also the place where important teachings were given to King Bimbisara and his son Ajatasattu. The First Council was held in the Sattiapana Cave at Rajgir, which can still be visited to this day.

1st International Mahayana chanting ceremony at the top of Vultures Peak in 2017. A delegation of 225 venerable monks from China, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Tibet and Vietnam were in attendance during the three-day event. During the opening ceremony, the Prajnaparamita Hridaya sutra was chanted in Sanskrit at the top of Vulture’s Peak, and cultural performances, chanting and Dharma talks on the historical legacy of Nalanda were offered at the Rajgir Convention Hall. Other sutras recited include: the Lotus, Diamond and Heart Sutras. LBDFI offered food to all participants and organized Dharma talks.

In 2018, a second ceremony was held with 75 Venerable monks and nuns and 50 local participants. In 2019, a third ceremony had 50 Venerable monks and nuns and 20 lay devotees.


Many pilgrimages were taken by the Venerable sangha to Nalanda Mahavihara. We aim to revive the site through Dharma talks and study of ancient history.

World Peace Bell Nalanda

In 2008 LBDFI began a negotiation with the ASI to install a great Dharma Bell at the entrance to the ancient site of Nalanda. Permission was granted to install a bell directly opposite the entrance to the archaeological site, on the grounds of the museum which contains many artifacts from the ancient university.

World Peace Bell Rajgir

Following the opening of the Nalanda bell, LBDFI approached the Fuji Gurugi order of Japan who installed the Vishwashanti stupa above Vultures Peak in Rajgir, to see if a World Peace Bell could be installed on their land. Permission was eventually granted to install a bell directly overlooking the peak, and the two and one half tonne bell was hauled up the mountain by pulleys and erected in 2009. The Governor of Bihar attended the opening ceremony.

Dharma Talks

From 2017 to present day, we have invited monks and lay masters to give Mahayana talks at the Nalanda site itself.


At the summit of Vulture’s Peak, our mission is to foster a harmonious convergence of the Pali and Sanskrit traditions, uniting followers of both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism. We extend a warm invitation to Sangha groups from Japan, Vietnam, Tibet, Nepal, and beyond, urging them to reflect upon revered scriptures such as the Lotus Sutra, Diamond Sutra, Prajnaparamita Sutra, and numerous others.

What did the Buddha teach here according to the Pali Canon:

So I have heard. At one time the Buddha was staying near Rajagaha, on the Vulture’s Peak Mountain. Now at that time King Ajatasattu Vedehiputta of Magadha wanted to invade the Vajjis. He declared: “I shall wipe out these Vajjis, so mighty and powerful! I shall destroy them, and lay ruin and devastation upon them!”

The Light of Buddhadharma Foundation is dedicated to revitalizing and developing the Buddhasasana in India.


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