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Greatest number of Rainy Retreat by Buddha
Our History

The Buddha spent many years in this capital city, and the great patrons of the Sangha, Anattapindaka and Visakha resided there. The famous miracle of the pairs was exhibited by the Buddha just outside the Northern gate. At the heart of Shravasti’s significance lies its association with the Buddha himself. Spending a substantial portion of his life within the city, the Buddha graced its streets with his presence, performing awe-inspiring miracles and delivering enlightening discourses that resonated with spiritual seekers.

Central to Shravasti’s spiritual landscape is the Jetavana Monastery, a sacred sanctuary donated by the devout follower Anathapindika. This monastery became a vibrant center for the Sangha community, where monks and laypeople alike gathered to study, meditate, and receive teachings from the Buddha.

Within the tranquil embrace of Shravasti, pivotal moments in the Buddha’s journey unfolded. It was here that he imparted timeless wisdom through teachings such as the Anapanasati Sutta and the Sattipatthana Sutta. Moreover, the city witnessed the awe-inspiring “Twin Miracle,” where the Buddha displayed his extraordinary supernatural abilities, leaving an indelible mark on those who bore witness.

In 2017, we were invited by his Holiness Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche to attend his International Dhammapada program. We arrived at the annual ceremony where thousands of Buddhist pilgrims were already participating. Our delegation joined in offering prayers from the Dhammapada.

In 2019, LBDFI returned to helped to promote a rainy season retreat in Sravasti, marking the first time in modern Buddhist history that monastics from the international Theravada Saṅgha observed a rains retreat together with Tibetan monks. After the rains retreat, a chanting ceremony was held at Sravasti and LBDFI offered food to all participants.

108 monks from the retreat joined the program of chanting ceremonies in the remaining seven holy sites of the Buddhasasana in northern India.

Book Distribution

We printed copies of the Dighanikaya in Thai, Sinhalese, Burmese and Devanagari and Roman to be given out to the delegation along with copies of What the Buddha Taught.



The Venerable monks went to visit the sacred sites associated with the life of the Buddha while we were staying in Sravasti. We spent time visiting the place where Visakha lived and where Anathapindka offered the Buddha his land.

Future Walks

Path from the Jeta Grove monastery to the old city of Sravasti and then proceed to the East Grove monastery, from where we can return to the Jeta Grove monastery

Path from Ora Jhar to the East Grove monastery to the ancient city of Sravasti (Maheth) to the Jeta Grove monastery.

Path from the Jeta Grove monastery to the East Grove monastery via Chakra Bhandar village.

Path from the Jeta Grove monastery to the East Grove monastery via the ancient city of Sravasti (Maheth) and back to the Jeta Grove.

Path from the Jeta Grove monastery to the Rapti (ancient Achiravati ) river through the ancient city of Sravasti (Maheth) and the village of Jogia Kalan across to the village of Digura and return past Gulariya and Katra market.

Most recently, this ceremony has been sponsored by the government of Uttar Pradesh, LBDFI organized the 5th International Tipitaka Chanting ceremony in the Jetavana grove at Sravasti on November 22nd 2023.


What did the Buddha teach here:

So I have heard. At one time the Buddha was staying near Savatthī in Jeta’s Grove, Anathapiṇḍika’s monastery. There the Buddha addressed the mendicants, “Mendicants!” “Venerable sir,” they replied. The Buddha said this: “Mendicants, I will teach you the explanation of the restraint of all defilements. Listen and pay close attention, I will speak.” “Yes, sir,” they replied. The Buddha said this:…

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