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Tipitaka chanting to begin in Bodh Gaya on December 2

Gaya: Former president of India Ramnath Kovind will be the chief guest and governor Phagu Chauhan will be the guest of honour at the opening ceremony of 10-day Tipitaka chanting ceremony beginning on the campus of world heritage site Mahabodhi Mahavihara on December 2.

Wangmo Dixey, executive director, Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International said, “More than 4000 monks, nuns and their followers from countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos PDR, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Vietnam will participate in the event.”

A colourful procession will be taken out around 8 am on December 2 in Bodh Gaya to mark the beginning of the event.The event includes chanting from the Pali canon alongside evening Dharma talks. This year, chanting from Sutta Pitaka will be completed.

Sutta Pitaka is second of the three divisions of Tipitaka in Pali canon. Other two parts of Tipitaka are Vinay Pitaka and Abhidharma Pitaka. After the procession, former president will address the participants on Mahavihara campus, which will be followed by blessings to the gathered assembly by eminent Buddhist leaders. “On December 13, more than 1000 Buddhists are expected to participate in a heritage walk from Jethian valley in Gaya to the mango grove, the site of an ancient meditation park on the outskirts of Rajgir. It is the second time that Vietnam will be organizing the event,” sources said.

A 10000 square feet tent is being erected at Kalchakra ground, where food will be offered to all the participants. Each day representatives of different countries would offer ‘dana’ to the senior international monks.

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